Power Washing Richmond VA & Northern Virginia

Virginia Window cleaners have years of experience in power washing in Richmond VA and Northern Virginia. We are able to meet your cleaning needs for most surfaces with trained professionals and appropriate equipment. Is your once clean driveway blemished by oil spots? Or, maybe your garage floor is sullied with ugly grease stains. Perhaps you have rust rings on your patio/deck from leaving paint cans or rusted items on its floor. Whatever it is, don’t worry because we have dealt with the worse stains and blemishes possible out there and had them removed.

Our Power Washing Process

By applying cautiously controlled pressure combined with potent cleaning compounds, we can dislodge dirt from an exterior surface. A common challenge is algae. It spreads rapidly and reproduces over sidewalks, decks and brick chimneys leaving ugly green spots which can also be a hazard if not removed as the algae may become slick. Pressure washing can avoid unnecessary falls and injuries which nobody needs. We can quickly and effectively get rid of algae from your exterior by having one of our professionals’ powerwash all of it.

Delicate surfaces such as painted wood or roofing tiles require a different approach. Using high-velocity water used to clean hard surfaces will ruin delicate materials instead of cleaning them. During surface pressuring we utilize a cleaning solution that permeates the material and diffuses all the mold, stains and mildew at their root. After the cleaning solution is applied contaminants disintegrate and rinsed off using cold water leaving the surface spotless.

Our power washing method is suitable for painted exteriors, awnings, softwood filled with mildew, siding, and roofs. Our pressure washing services are available to homeowners in Northern Virginia and Richmond VA. Give your exterior a facelift by using Virginia Window Cleaners’ pressure washing services.

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